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Cocoa Cupcakes

Baking is mindful. Mindfulness means paying attention to yourself in the moment and not being in the past or the future, but really being there. And help to combat anxiety. (citied from a website) Cupcakes are different from muffins. Frosting is one of the thing that makes it different. Both are dessert, but muffins areContinue reading “Cocoa Cupcakes”

Grounding Technique

Giving up on life? Goals are seems to be fading away. Long wait and patience is going off limit. (Linked to the previous blog) How you every been grounded for been naughty? This lockdown is similar to that period. Or the period when attacker attacks the victim. The victim hides in its bury and comeContinue reading “Grounding Technique”


One wrong thing (small) leads to big ones. What harm comes with having one cigarette? They may tell you.. (Or any other thing that you can think of). So it begins with.. lil things. And then this small hole is it turned into a big pit. You create a pit for yourself which was firstContinue reading “EVERYONE DOES IT (editing)”

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