What next?

Future seems to blur. Life seems to be meaningless?

There were so many things you wanted to do. And all your thinking now is: What next?

This is just a phase of life, which will pass away. This struggle is going to give us a new experience of life. An experience with a different perspective to see life in a different way. HOW?

Changes I have seen in my life:

Valuing things with you thought was worthless

Nothing is worthless, each and everything here has a value. I started to value even small things that I have in my life.


The most important of all is your family. Family has helped us come out of this situation or helping us survive. People with money, health issue and stress.

Understanding limitation

Not everybody was able to be there for you. That everybody was you too. It gave us an opportunity to be selfish and yet make it okay. Not putting pressure on each other ‘of being there’, understanding that everybody is going through a bad phase. Giving us the opportunity to be human.

Reconsidering your goals

There are short term goals and long term goal. We are reconsidering the goals, were they really worth it?

Value yourself

At some point of life, we hear people saying, “What is the point? I am going to die and what difference its going to make. The world is still going to go on.”

Well! this is the stupidest thing to imagine, cause: YA, the world is not going to stop and YA you are going to die someday. So if you really want to stand out, do something. What?

  • We influence each other. We adapt things and qualities of people that we are with and whom we see (some). So your being is important.
  • Help each other. Even if you are busy. If somebody is approaching you, it is because they are going through problems. Don’t judge them.How important is your ego and self respect, esteem for you? Isn’t it same for everyone?or you think its different for you because you are better than them and more educated and rich and doing better in life. You are someday going to go through that. You will realise what they are realizing now. So if you want to save time, efforts and struggle, understand it now. It takes them effort to approach you. They put their ego and self esteem aside.

Main image: Love vector created by freepik – www.freepik.com

Everybody is going through this and someday we will talk about it (in a good way).

2 thoughts on “What next?

  1. Such a wonderful post. I loved it. I urge you to blog more often, get a website of your own as it has its gain, you get to monetize your blog and also, join a blogging community. Twitter is the best place for bloggers. 😁

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