Grounding Technique

Giving up on life? Goals are seems to be fading away. Long wait and patience is going off limit. (Linked to the previous blog)

How you every been grounded for been naughty?

This lockdown is similar to that period. Or the period when attacker attacks the victim. The victim hides in its bury and come out after some time when it feels safe. As the time pass by, when the danger is gone, an individual may feel safe.

Grounding technique, based on feeling senses (hearing, seeing, etc.) can be used during this period. Instead of building up fear and making your health even worse. WE can use this period to do the things which we always wanted to do. Keep yourself busy (while your grounded). BUT?

Even if we want to do those things, we are not able do it. Why?

For instance: learning a language

Because we are not motivated enough. When we work, we get paid. But when we do things in leisure, we may be happy but after sometime it becomes boring. Self rewarding or involving others (friends or family) to reward you, can help you achieve your goal. Rewarding is the best way to keep going.

Keep yourself motivated. This is just a time frame which is going to pass away. You have to have patience. Work towards your goal, you may achieve it someday.

People are losing their jobs and have to sit at home. Some may have their dream jobs, but because of the situation they dont want to take risk, prefer staying at home. Have ample of time, and dont know how to kill it. It may drive them crazy. Even the people who are working are facing issues and pressure, whether it is because of the changes due to the situation or demand as well as scarcity (of things and ways) we are dealing with.

Utilize this time as its comes with flexibility. Flexibility a getting extra time to complete your project, when you have passed the deadline.

Plan and execute.

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