How to give up addiction? My way!

I don’t really get addicted to things easily. But when I do, I follow this way/method to come out of it. Its like a detox technique.

It could be anything – I am taking here an example of – my addiction with ‘FOOD’.

I will explain you in the end about why I am talking about the disadvantage.

Disadvantages of food addiction – ‘Being FOODAHOLIC’

  • You end spending too much (most important). Initially, when you look at a menu (as a new customer) you find it very expensive. But once you start eatting it. You start to rationalize the spending with its worth and you continue to spend money on it.
  • Health issues. Its not just restaurant food, even home food – cooked in certain way – with all the frying and spices – affects/effects your health.
  • You don’t want to settle for anything less. Simple food doesn’t interest you anymore and all you look for is something new and tasty. And you end up spending on lavish food.
  • It becomes your priority. If you are a shopaholic, you priority and you interest will be occupied with only clothes. And you start ignoring other things.
  • Overeating and end up being bored. When you don’t get anything new, your expectation goes down and then you start getting bored. But still don’t give up the food.

Coming to the point!

When you are addicted to something for instance, alcohol. It gives your brain pleasure that it requires. It is may be a defense mechanism against the pain and sorrow that you have. In simple language, your running away from sorrow and going towards this addiction for happiness.

Your sorrow here is ‘A’

Your addiction here is ‘B’

In order to give up A your going towards B. Now to get away from B you will have to make B = A

How can you make B = A?

For that you require the disadvantages. Understanding that now B is giving you pain and sorrow (from which you were running away). And now you require a replacement for B. Now YOU have to decide with what you can replace it with.

Whenever now I crave for food I think about the disadvantage of it. And the health issue I have to face because of it. I slowly then start developing hate for it.

Its not like, you have to abandon it. But this will help you lose interest in it for sometime. You can come back to it, at any time. But for other things like alcohol – you need a strong determination.

Acknowledge- it is the first step you have to take. Choose. Have patience and Be focused.

Sometime overdoing things also makes you lose interest. But it depends on what your addiction is.

Happy living!

Main image: Money vector created by macrovector –

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