My religion ❤ and its way of dealing things.

There are so many things that touch my soul. And so many things that make me think. The only thing I have to do is read and try to know more and more. With every mistake I make, it becomes stronger.

I am not representing anything. Cause I know I am not perfect. And I aint trying to be.

According to it, life is a place of decievement. And purpose of life is to be tested. And you have to be good soul to be tested true. What else would your purpose of life be?

Dont we want to be happy? Dont we want to be at peace?

Then why do we wrong our soul? Why do we make it suffer? And not follow the right path. And then complain of how our life miserable is.

Do you want to be like a dog, who puts its tongue out when its hungry and even when its not. And become a person who is lost, miserable and confused.

To fulfil its endless desires of these wordly life (never to be fulfiled). Feeling empty always.

And when your on the good/right path. People will try to pull you out. Why? So that they can tell themselve that they are on the right path.

They are not, and they know it. And when you leave the path. You will be lost forever.

At thats the time pull yourself back!

Heal whats broken!

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So the poem is for women, it could be any experienced women, whether single, single mother, married, mother, or a concumbine (excuse me for using such words), mistress. Depending on the grave situation they are in.

This forms two perspective: one ranging till mother & the other for mistress or concubines‘ (more focused on this).

The 1st one (more emotions based): like for instance is the lines ‘priority….’. Its that they take authority of the roles that they are playing -cooking-boss of the family. Other line similar to that. Last lines a lady tells her to leave and be herself. As nobody is going to come. But she is worried, if she does will the society accept her (I don’t know why she needs an approval).

The other one (flesh/physical based) is wide and clear, she accepts whats (having nowhere to go) happening to her and then live like that, giving herself authority (sleeping with guys with her choice and dumping them with her authority). Thinking that she is controlling everything. But she is unware that she is going more deep down the pit. May be she wants to come out, just she needs more acceptance. & not understanding the condition lies in the confusion.

With this post, I m signing off for the month. I have a lot in my mind, & I dont want to make a salad out of it. As I am getting to engrossed & obssessed with this. & its affecting my health too. So, see you all next month. (Its my birthday month Jan_yay!)

❤ Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year ❤

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Learn 28 Arabic words

One of the thing from my check list is to learn Arabic (Arbi).

To learn a language you should master 3 things:

Read – speak – write.

I know how to read. I have to work on my speaking and writing skills.


The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters, all representing consonants, and is written from right to left.

I found this video quite interesting. As with the pronunciation of letters, you can learn 28 Arabic words 🙂

Like A for Apple!

Masala amah! (Good-bye!)


I used to love using Facebook, but gradually I started to lose interest (socializing). It is a best platform to broadcast your talent and grow your business (I used it for my blog and the results were marvelous). You may delete your other dating apps (or anything that is important) but Facebook.

Let me take you back in 2008-2010. This time Facebook was not as popular as it is now. People didn’t know how to use stickers and but slowly they became a pro. Putting filter photographs was something usually talked about. Making fun about the fact that the person looks way different than what he/she looks in person. It was a place where people wanted to find their long lost friends. Posting on each other’s wall was more common (because people were more open about things).

All this started to change. It has become more like a Fake book. A portfolio a person carries like a resume. So if you want to judge a person or know a person look at his/her Facebook profile. Whether you look good in person or not, is no more an issue. The better the picture, the more your followers are. It is a competition where everybody is competing who can fake better. The long lost friends are still long lost. They are just sitting in your friend list increasing the counts of your friend list and like/comments.

Your like and comments are like precious gold you possess. And some of them are ‘gold diggers’ here. Just kidding (won’t like your post no matter what, ‘NO I WONT GIVE IT- ITS MINE’ 😂)

We crib about being lonely and then make memes about it. Then we ignore the people who try to contacts us through messages and then make memes about that too. You are judged on basis of where you live, places you have visit. Earlier dreams were to travel the world. Now it has become travel the world to post photos only. Not completely being a able to enjoy the travelling part (may not to true for some).

Then we talk about women and their self-respect.  There was this phase when a guy was abusing women’s and people were liking and sharing it 🤷🏻‍♀️.

I am not against using Facebook. It has best features. I use it myself. Fakeness, I guess is inevitable here (mostly). And we cannot change how things are. I just wonder how things are! A ‘picture of present‘ – of how things have become.

These flowers are fake but have its own beauty.

I don’t want to contradict with what I am saying. But I know fake is a strong word so may be we can use the word – beautify instead 🙂 . And there is no known harm of it 😉 yet.

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Do you feel it too?

Everything is so funny yet so true

What is this uneasy feeling that makes me blue?

It is me?

Or is it you?

And is this a co-incidence when I feel it

I find you there, waiting for me

with a clue

I know you wouldn’t say a thing (do you want to?)

I know what you feel (would love to hear it too)

And I know

Its too good to be true

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