My religion ❀ and its way of dealing things.

There are so many things that touch my soul. And so many things that make me think. The only thing I have to do is read and try to know more and more. With every mistake I make, it becomes stronger.

I am not representing anything. Cause I know I am not perfect. And I aint trying to be.

According to it, life is a place of decievement. And purpose of life is to be tested. And you have to be good soul to be tested true. What else would your purpose of life be?

Dont we want to be happy? Dont we want to be at peace?

Then why do we wrong our soul? Why do we make it suffer? And not follow the right path. And then complain of how our life miserable is.

Do you want to be like a dog, who puts its tongue out when its hungry and even when its not. And become a person who is lost, miserable and confused.

To fulfil its endless desires of these wordly life (never to be fulfiled). Feeling empty always.

And when your on the good/right path. People will try to pull you out. Why? So that they can tell themselve that they are on the right path.

They are not, and they know it. And when you leave the path. You will be lost forever.

At thats the time pull yourself back!

Heal whats broken!

Main image: Heart vector created by alvaro_cabrera –

8 thoughts on “Broken

  1. I do believe in God, but i never understood the need of a religion. My observation says; humans misuse religion as a tool to sidetrack humanity. But i do believe in everyone’s belief. Happy New year mehwish.πŸ‘

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    1. Religion like a a manual.. of how to live your life…
      Yes i agree.. it can be misused and manipulated.. but it depends on the persons intentions…
      As you sow, sow shall you reap..

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      1. I understand your point. Since childhood all i was taught being a half brown kid; “speak your truth, be there for family, kindness always pays back & pay advance tax when you make enough money”. My mum is hella religious though.😜

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