Different types of people

  • Give and take types

-Most respected. Forms a pattern.

– They have issues taking anything from others. This pose a disadvantage. Because sometimes thing which are free are sold to them lol. (You should understand that its okay sometimes to take, accept it as a gift.)

Its not necessary all the time to give back if its not in your capability. Compromise most of the time leads to confusion. I gave you this- usually I don’t-because your special. This thing is most difficult to explain. You will spend your life proving it. It wont happen because you did it. Being firm with your limitation and understanding the peoples limitation helps to maintain a healthy relationship.

  • Take too much

Is not really interested in respect. May not be wrong and in fact most happiest person if thing go according to them. They are may easily shattered because they have to much expectations and may someday wont be able to fulfil. And wont be happy with minimum. Greed starts to built in.

  • Giver!

Most taken advantage of. All they want is respect. They cannot compromise on that. They know they are being taken advantage of- still they give. It makes them happy. But doesn’t understand giving too much is creating a ‘take too much’ personality.

Should there be a balanced type?

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3 thoughts on “Different types of people

    1. Yes.. I m a combination of.. giver to whom i love unconditionally and
      give and take with most of the people..
      Taking without giving.. is abit difficult for me.. but m working on it..lol


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