Creativity – Problem Solving – Stress

If the post is too long you can read it in three part 😉

Problem solving

In life, most of the time – we don’t know or fail to understand what the problems is (sounds simple but is a big deal).

Identifying the problem – is the main issue. We try to alter is with temporary solution rather than knowing the main cause.

Then we someday manage to find the solution to the problem

We are lazy to execute the proper solution ‘it doesn’t fail’ rather we should know where did we stop?

For instance: I have a task – Reading a book

I have to complete it. The moment I read the page I don’t understand what’s written. (How do you solve this?)

Move forward – underline the difficult words and read the next page – Complete the book learn the meaning of the words

Start to use them your my daily life. So you have used it somewhere. So your hard work have paid off.

If you wont use it in your life, you will automatically lose interest in it. Because you are not getting anything out of it.

They are few task which don’t have any outcome. In such cases, you can put artificial rewards for yourself. The way we tell our children to complete the homework – you will get a toffee. (you can learn in detail about positive and negative reinforcement)

Problem could be anything. I have just an example of one task (not able to complete) as a problem.

To conclude, if you want to complete a task or solve a problem – identify, solve (solving won’t be easy, try to stick to it) and repeat.

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There is a positive stress and negative stress. (Some stress is necessary for you to go on in life)

Stress may be good or bad. Good – if you use it correctly and bad – if you let it hamper you.

For instance: deadline – if you don’t have deadlines you would be casual about the work given. Deadline creates stress which makes you complete the task.

Negative stress won’t let you complete your work/task – too much stress usually creates failure. You may even give up instantly. Even if you try your stress won’t let you complete it. Because your wasting your time worrying about it rather than doing it.


All of these things are inter-related to each other. It helps you to function well.

When you are in a box, you will reach out to things that are available. If things are not available in the box you go out to find. And may be even go beyond your limits. In the process, you will learn things and make mistakes.

Creativity is similar to that.

When you are young things are cut out from you. Your blocked! What I mean is. We are told to behave in a manner. Concrete solution for concrete problem. This pattern stops you from thinking out of the box. Very rarely people go out of the box to solve the problem. Because they are happy or lazy with what they have.


There have been research about this. Still discovering. Basically everything begins and ends here.

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