Too much energy?

I have been trying to understand my restlessness and hyperactivity.


Meditation doesn’t really help. So when you have or experiencing any of similar kind of things. Mostly its because of too much energy. It needs to be drained out. For which I was working (like for living). And its does help. It gives you a good night sleep. Then whats laziness?

Too much of pressure/expectation not letting you use your energy to the fullest. Its like exploiting your soul. Suppressing is the word! (or may be your insecurities). Give yourself a break.

Let it flow naturally. Its difficult, not impossible. And ya some situations won’t let you. So plan accordingly!

One thing I know for sure is I am not an overthinker. I am someone who doesn’t like regretting. Dont let anybody tell you that. Your words count, are valueable and makes complete sense!

This year was like an adventure in itself. I got to experience adrenaline rush. The cooling sensation that flows down your brain through neck to the back. Whatever that was. Gone!

Take care ❤

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