Modernization – Questions and Questions (editing)

(I had a conversation with my friend on this topic. And the topic goes on and on. According to my friend this cannot be solved. Yes, to some extent it can’t be. But creating awareness will save a few.)

So, Indians (OR EVERYONE) are loosing their ethics and values. Why? Life is becoming too difficult. Adapting modernization is pressure and the demand. Too match up, everybody is loosing their individuality.

What is modernization?

It is new way of life. Do you know where the idea came from? People were exploited and ruled by the upper class. Industries.. slaves.. Every country has its own history like the African- American people. There was a time when African women were exploited – no – no – not by Americans but by the Africans men. The writers evolved through these struggle. To create awareness and to create development for the betterment of the society.


Now when you talk about modernization, nudity comes along with it. Openness and frank and casualness. It was may be just a thought. But now it has become ‘it’.

What I mean is when you ask someone about modernization. For them :

modernization= sex, nudity, lust, sluts, whore, porn

But, when you actually look into it. The thing that is was suppose to be.

modernization = was having equal rights.

Its education. its reasoning. its helping. Its about giving yourself importance. It is about having a choice. Understanding that you are the best but still you prefer to stay to the ground to help others. No racism. No cheating.

For example giving the right to a girl whether to wear bikini. Making her aware of the pro and cons. Not to influence.

Basically, it was to make life easy.

BUT, hasn’t it made our life more difficult?

Aren’t people misusing it?

Who is responsible for that?

And how are we going to solve it?

Are we not a part of it?

Aren’t these the consequences?

o Lost

o Dual identity

o Exploiting in the name of modernism

(I am going to earn so much that I have a better life. Then drink so much with that money and unfortunately die with too much drinking. So much for the happy ending – that’s modernism the stupid way – mocking at itself and the people.)

The World we live in (Dual identity how?)

So we all know, science is not completely true. Its evolving and discovering. And then there’s Adam and Eve.

These two begins with a contradicting statement with homo sapiens but then somewhere between they collide. We call it ‘similarities’. Can we say that modernism is now known as science? and it is fighting with the existence of religion. That’s where the dual personality evolves?

Understand the true existence of yours.

What if you are there at the time of Adam and Eve. Was there lust? love? modernism? That means it was created. So the people who created them – Do you trust them so much that you are willing to live your life according to them? Were these created things even beneficial or just another way of exploitation us? Do they even exist?

HAVE YOU TESTED THEM or you just plan to just blindly follow?

P.S: Nudity is not wrong. But is it even right?

Sex education

Sex education was for awareness, but it is influencing the kids. Its creating an environment where they seem its okay. There is no fear of doing wrong. Because it is not wrong anymore. Help your kids. Their life is in your hands. People who are in this, may be able to come back to life. But the people, the new generation who is not into this can be saved. THINK ABOUT IT ATLEAST!

Next post: A detailed post about pornography and the scam.

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