Lil’ bit about ME


That’s just a name. A lot of people ask me, what does it mean? Its an Arabic word for moon and beautiful. Words cannot describe a person, it can just give highlights. About me, love to explore and understand things. It gives a better perspective of life.

On a personal level, I wanted to be a psychologist, but accidentally became a teacher (loving it) and currently heading towards being.

Even though we say, ‘You won’t understand until to experience it’. At least, the people who have experienced it, can be the light to those who have not. Make them struggle less.

Going astray, is a part of life… coming back to it and continuing the journey is the most difficult and important part. It may lead to happiness, satisfaction and contentment.

Views are views, not based on experiments. May change time to time and according to the situation. And no situation is same (never).