Capricorn Woman

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(I don’t believe in astrology, this is just for fun. I believe in well being.)

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Are you a Capricorn woman seeking love?

Capricorn (symbolized by the Sea Goat) rules the house of masculinity on the zodiac cycle; this means the lady born under this sign often plays the traditional male role in love relationships.

Men often find that her stoic nature, ambition for career, and incredible sexual appetite are too hard to handle.

Her family has a huge, important value to her life. If her mom and dad say no, then she will give her suitor not a chance. Known as a homebody, she prefers to take a nap on the sofa rather than a fun night on the town.

So who is the best match for Capricorn woman?

Remember that she expects a partner to cheer for her professional success, sympathize for her emotionally cold exterior, and keep up with her in the bedroom. It will be much better if her man can help her put down her guards as well as step out from her shell. (hmmmmm… interesting!)

Keep reading to understand this lady more!

Do Capricorns Easily Fall in Love
People with Capricorn zodiac sign believe that it’s not easy to show every single facet of themselves to those who they just meet for the first time. Therefore, Capricornians are not the type that will fall in love quickly.

Before you want to date a Capricorn, please show your patience and dedication.

Since capturing their attention is a challenge, you may want to see signs that a Capricorn gets attracted romantically.

Try to help them more open up instead of giving up on them. Taking love very seriously, Capricorn-born individuals don’t get bored after a short term. When getting involved in a relationship, they will try their best to make it last forever.

Once your Capricorn really feels comfortably being around you, she will let himself dive in hard and become smitten with you. Learn how to make a Capricorn miss you here!

Don’t do anything make her think that you are wasting her time or she will get bored immediately. Also, she will back off once realizing that both of you have not many things in common.

When a Capricorn is falling in love, they are definitely not the kind of person that’s clingy. They value the independence, in fact. All they want is to be in a stable relationship with lots of affection.

Who is Capricorn Most Compatible with?
Talking about Capricorn best love match, which zodiac sign can get along well with Capricorn?

Considered as one of the most ambitious signs, Capricorn is usually drawn to those who are also ambitious, not the laid back ones. According to online astrologers, they seem to be compatible with Taurus (the loyal) and Virgo (the practical) ( Wallah

But who is Capricorn most compatible with?

When it comes to the first spot on the list, then the answer would be the ambitious, enigmatic, and goal-oriented Scorpio.

A brief look at the Capricorn and Scorpio relationship:

Described as one of the most powerful couples in the zodiac wheel, Capricorn and Scorpio create a fascinating combination.

Neither of them falls in love easily as both have trust issues. They believe that trust is very important and shouldn’t be taken lightly; thus, they tend to move cautiously into a relationship, especially the romantic one.

It could take them several months to become comfortable around the other one.

Fortunately, they will deeply commit to one another and never fall apart once their connection of trust and love are guaranteed. If you are a Scorpio, you will soon find that making a Capricorn obsessed with you is not really difficult when you two are in love.

Both Capricorn and Scorpio are workaholics who put their home, family, and security on their top priority. These two are reserved and private so they usually prefer staying at home cuddling instead of going out.

In the bedroom, they form a very special sexual bond!

Who is Compatible with Capricorn Woman?
The Capricorn female has a high compatibility rate with many different zodiac signs, as long as she is willing to put more effort into her relationships. Fortunately, this woman is known for having a big yearn for challenge.

That could explain why Capricorn can handle being with Scorpio, Taurus, and Cancer happily even when they are predicted as difficult matches.

A lasting relationship needs compromise from both sides.

If Capricorn woman finds herself unlucky in love, I recommend you to check the following info to get solutions. Probably you will be guided towards the path of finding true, lasting love.

Is she straightforward?

Yes, she is a very direct person who’s very direct with people surrounding him. Never expect her to beat about the bush! If you want to become a best match with a Capricorn lady, you have to be a straightforward individual as well. The only problem with her is that she is extremely reserved, up to the point she cannot even realize her feelings for her love interest.

For those who are chasing the Capricorn-born woman, please give her a period to get enough courage to admit her love. The moment she accepts the fact that she falls for someone, she falls hard and becomes a romantic lover.

So, who is compatible with Capricorn woman?

Here are top 3 zodiac signs can make a perfect match with the Cappy lady in the reality:

  1. Taurus man
    Both Capricorn woman and Taurus man are earthy people, so obviously they can understand the way each other approaches life. These two also value money and security over other things. Together, they will discover many common goals and dreams as well.

They are into committed, long-term relationships and have a traditional approach to dating, love and marriage.

While the female admires the male?s dedication toward the family, it?s her diligence in building security making him appreciate.

This Capricorn and Taurus union is amazing for an excellent marriage.

  1. Pisces man
    Though both are different in many ways, they unbelievably create an incredible love union. Capricorn woman leaves a stabilizing impact on Pisces man, plus offering him a great sense of security that he always needs.

On the other hand, the guy has the capacity of helping his serious Cappy loosen a bit and have more fun with life.

These two get strengths in their personality and complement well for each other?s weaknesses. In general, this is a union with a very bright future indeed.

  1. Cancer man (hmmmmmm…! true to a point)
    Capricorn woman and Cancer man are considered as kindred spirits.

They are capable of forming a successful and assuring love relationship because neither of them takes love slightly. When joining together for a team project, they are really hard-working and committed to achieving their goals.

The relationship of Capricorn and Cancer has a maturity side which is rarely found in other pairings. No matter what they do, everything will be accomplished in a good way as long as they support each other.

This is not the most romantic or passionate couple, of course ? both of them are practical individuals so it?s hard for both to show or display sweet gestures. Luckily, the Capricorn and Cancer pair has an excellent chance of long-term success.

Luckily, she is a homebody so housekeeping is somewhat fun to her.

Who Should a Capricorn Woman Marry?
Due to Capricorn characteristics, Capricorn woman is not really an ideal wife as she lacks femininity. Born with masculine qualities (loyalty, thoroughness, and calmness), she is often described as a tomboy.

Not only ambitious for her professional success, but she is also extremely ambitious for the future of her husband and children. This lady is granted with a practical mind and a caring heart for her family; nevertheless, whoever marries her may not really happy with her.

No femininity, gentleness, and physical appearance like Libra or Pisces, Capricorn also has no emotional nobility like women born in Aries or Leo. She is not friendly or present enough additionally. Instead of all this, Capricorn woman is scrupulous, self-discipline and has integrity.

It?s pretty hard to define the specific characteristics of this lady.

She can be a sexy lady on the beach, but suddenly you will find her sitting in the laboratory and doing some experiments related to the mankind. She may be composed on the outside, yet deep down she is just a girl who needs security, authority, and respect from others.

Who should a Capricorn woman marry?

Two signs that can achieve the long-term marriage success with the Cappy are Taurus and Cancer.

She does not seek for an emotional or spiritual friend; in fact, all she wants is a practitioner who can take care well of her children and take on the responsibility as her life partner.

Capricorn is the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac.

People often think Capricorn woman seems aloof, uncaring, and boring and has a stoic manner. But those are not the truth, not even close. She is shy and timid, yet she also has a wry sense of humor that you?ll get to see if knowing her well enough.

She is actually caring, faithful, and has a forgiving nature.

If you have a Capricorn friend or lover, consider yourself lucky as she will always show up at the right time and embrace you whenever you need her support the most.

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Re-Emerging Goddess

(I don’t believe in Goddess, this is just for fun. But ya, when you look at what women goes through, if you compare she is not less than a Goddess.)

The divine feminine goddess cradles light; packed in a body that itself creates life,
and nurtures it with love and care, feeds it sacrifice,
then fights and forgives the evil, a trivial, goes on with the journey of life
unravelling the travel in a mysterious way.
She dissolves herself into oneness,
she kindles a fire within to provide the warmth, burning slowly with no flame
deep within the womb of Mother Earth.
Devoted to herself and her fragrant self-awareness felt in her auric glow,
the light taken away, now left with darkness she lives.
The repression of the feminine has led to a planet on the verge of collapse,
re-emerging, a dance to behold.
Help her pull wisdom from her past pains to soothe and help those in pieces become whole
fearlessness recognized,
sealing and unsealing the gates to her heart;
protecting herself yet expressing her vulnerability.
Evergiving, her fruits of source
here is she,
with her left ashes.. rises again as a phoenix

~By Mehwish & Amber

Created with love

About the author:

~If you’d like to collaborate, feel free to find her email on her blog’s connect page.~

Miss You

(This poem is an imagination)

I am writing this song!

To tell you ‘I Miss You’ – (Mr gone)

Come along and you know what?

you can sing it wrong

You dont have to be so strong

Give me a hug,

A hug that last for long

I wont let you go this time

And as you mine

You know our love is divine

You know I feel true

When I am with you

Sink into my soul,

Lets breath together

Warm each other when we are cold

Look into my eyes

And tell me I am right

Remember the fight

When you wanted to make things right

The touch that made us unite

Lets live that moment again

To the fullest and feel the pain

And remain!

And remain!

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Silence… (wake up!)

5 little monkeys jumping on the bed. One fell off and bumped his head. Mama called the doctor and the doctor said. No more monkey’s jumping on the bed.

But the monkeys didn’t stop and kept falling one after the other. The monkey who fell already didn’t tell the other monkey’s not to jump.

Why would he?

Let them experience it themselve.

As if they were going to listen to him

And who is going to take the blame and struggle anyway?

We live this life silently. People avoid helping others because of such reasons.

The people who know (the first monkey who fell) waits and watch the other monkeys falling.

There are people who know everything. They are just silently watching you. They will not tell you. They want to see how much you know. And when you say it, then they will tell you they knew it already.

So, its about discovering.

Its like spilling the secret – ‘DO YOU KNOW WHAT I KNOW’. ‘YA MAN…I KNOW’..LOL

And …We are the monkey jumping on the bed. Falling one after the other.

Falling how? ALMOST everyone is facing mental heatlh issues.

Why the four monkey can’t see the fall? (Engrossed in these, can’t see anything else)

No awareness of surroundings.. Why?

Exploitations (Three main factors)

  1. Branded Companies

We are so engrossed and lost in the worldly life that we are not aware of the surroundings. (it is from the smallest to the biggest- how your controlled) Like the big companies hire psychologist – who help them understand the human mind. When you go shopping you buy useless stuff which you don’t even use. Why? After slogging for hours we are spending money on things just for the brand, when there are other things available, which gives you the same functions and features. (ITS NOT YOU, ITS PSYCHOLOGY)

2. Movies

‘Love’ is the product they sell. Love is nothing but a thing that is not only used by movies, novels, but also by PEOPLE to earn and get benefits (sex and money). There are authors who have earned enormous amount of money by sellinh such books. The by product is (I can say) is porn. As we all know it is the highest earning platform for the people. It is involving women and exploiting them for the ‘easy money’.

What happens to these actors?

They earn the limelight either they fall or rise above high (with a threat, if not you other will do it). Then as they age they are replaced. They realize this later – they were just a product used for the moment to gain the benefits (sex and money). And when the expectation were met, they lie defeated, left with corrupted soul.

3. Society

We are bonded by the society. The customs and tradition have locked our mind. They don’t let us think out of the box. Even though life is made simple. We complicate it. Lost in emotions and ties and family, not able to come out of it.

Society and culture is man-made.

What does God have to say?


Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them.
1 John 2:15

You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.
James 4:4

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?
Matthew 16:26

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
Romans 12:2


What is to be enlighten?

This whole idea attracts a lot of people. It is to wake up. To see the true world with eyes. Only those who wake up understand this.

And when the 4th monkey falls

5th monkey: “Did you see it?’

4th monkey: “Yes man I saw it. Isn’t it f***ing awesome.”

5th monkey: “Ya man! truly.”


‘The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception.’

The purpose of life

Stop finding yourself. The hard truth is purpose of life is nothing. This life was a gift to you. You had a starting point and an ending point. That journey was in your hand . You were to decide how your going to reach it. With a goal of being happy or sad.

(And if your religious peace is what you will have as a bonus.)

Life is a struggle. Every emotion is important to feel alive.

If you used it, the way it was supposed to be. Happiness will be your goal.

Wake up!

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Ya was going to write about other things. But this thing just struck me in the head.

Hickory DICKory dock

The mouse went up the clock

The clock struck 12′

Cinderella went down

Hickory dickory dock

Tick tock tick tock… LOL (IF U UNDERSTOOD)

Whats gas-lighting? (Coming to the point)

Heavy words like narc. This in simple means someone (your love esp.) is making a fool out of you.

How does this happen?

When you get intimate with someone, that someone becomes your vision of life. You see yourself, life and almost everything according to their painted picture.

You loose your inner voice.

You become dependent on the person to tell you what to do next?

Your sense of understanding goes away.

You start degrading yourself and become a slave. Because your inner voice is lost you depend on others to tell you whats right and wrong.

As the name suggest gas-light. You cannot see things properly. The person confuses you with their manipulative answers. And no matter how strong you are you surrender!

Now people who have had multiple partners are strong (comparitively) or can be strong. How?

They see the partners have different opinion of them and the people. And mostly not true.

The sense of self is brought back. Thus, saved!


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Modernization – Questions and Questions (editing)

(I had a conversation with my friend on this topic. And the topic goes on and on. According to my friend this cannot be solved. Yes, to some extent it can’t be. But creating awareness will save a few.)

So, Indians (OR EVERYONE) are loosing their ethics and values. Why? Life is becoming too difficult. Adapting modernization is pressure and the demand. Too match up, everybody is loosing their individuality.

What is modernization?

It is new way of life. Do you know where the idea came from? People were exploited and ruled by the upper class. Industries.. slaves.. Every country has its own history like the African- American people. There was a time when African women were exploited – no – no – not by Americans but by the Africans men. The writers evolved through these struggle. To create awareness and to create development for the betterment of the society.


Now when you talk about modernization, nudity comes along with it. Openness and frank and casualness. It was may be just a thought. But now it has become ‘it’.

What I mean is when you ask someone about modernization. For them :

modernization= sex, nudity, lust, sluts, whore, porn

But, when you actually look into it. The thing that is was suppose to be.

modernization = was having equal rights.

Its education. its reasoning. its helping. Its about giving yourself importance. It is about having a choice. Understanding that you are the best but still you prefer to stay to the ground to help others. No racism. No cheating.

For example giving the right to a girl whether to wear bikini. Making her aware of the pro and cons. Not to influence.

Basically, it was to make life easy.

BUT, hasn’t it made our life more difficult?

Aren’t people misusing it?

Who is responsible for that?

And how are we going to solve it?

Are we not a part of it?

Aren’t these the consequences?

o Lost

o Dual identity

o Exploiting in the name of modernism

(I am going to earn so much that I have a better life. Then drink so much with that money and unfortunately die with too much drinking. So much for the happy ending – that’s modernism the stupid way – mocking at itself and the people.)

The World we live in (Dual identity how?)

So we all know, science is not completely true. Its evolving and discovering. And then there’s Adam and Eve.

These two begins with a contradicting statement with homo sapiens but then somewhere between they collide. We call it ‘similarities’. Can we say that modernism is now known as science? and it is fighting with the existence of religion. That’s where the dual personality evolves?

Understand the true existence of yours.

What if you are there at the time of Adam and Eve. Was there lust? love? modernism? That means it was created. So the people who created them – Do you trust them so much that you are willing to live your life according to them? Were these created things even beneficial or just another way of exploitation us? Do they even exist?

HAVE YOU TESTED THEM or you just plan to just blindly follow?

P.S: Nudity is not wrong. But is it even right?

Sex education

Sex education was for awareness, but it is influencing the kids. Its creating an environment where they seem its okay. There is no fear of doing wrong. Because it is not wrong anymore. Help your kids. Their life is in your hands. People who are in this, may be able to come back to life. But the people, the new generation who is not into this can be saved. THINK ABOUT IT ATLEAST!

Next post: A detailed post about pornography and the scam.

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So.. You can blame others for everything that happens in your life. This will make you suffer and give you pain. But on the other side, you can blame yourself. Be couragious and think, it was you who wanted this.

I can give my life example:

My mom, she is born and brought up in a village. Her dad has struggled alot and it paid off really well. He was in Kuwait Oil Company. She was in Kuwait for 2 years. Then came back for her schooling then she went back again for 2 year. And my uncles was just about to settle there and the war happened and they came back.

My dad was not well off. They married her off to him. She struggled alot. And yet never complained. BUT they still brag about how much they did and if we compare nothing can beat it 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Then she came to MUMBAI as a rebel. My paternal cousins came alot with her. And whatever we have is mostly because of her (not too much but good). My dad back then went to Saudi Arabia, he only used to come once a year. He would send us big boxes of goods. We didn’t really get much time to spent with him. And he used to talk use less.

So, my point is when I try to understand my life, I see – I unknowingly did this. I wanted to be like her.

So the struggle that I went through was given to me by me. Its nobody’s fault. On the other hand, people have been cooperating with me and my behaviour.

Everything seems to make sense now. I made mistakes and I own them.

Lets see where God takes me next….

🥰🤩😍🙇🏻‍♀️ 😝🤪😜😛😝🥳👀👣👩‍🦯🧕🏻

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Too much energy?

I have been trying to understand my restlessness and hyperactivity.


Meditation doesn’t really help. So when you have or experiencing any of similar kind of things. Mostly its because of too much energy. It needs to be drained out. For which I was working (like for living). And its does help. It gives you a good night sleep. Then whats laziness?

Too much of pressure/expectation not letting you use your energy to the fullest. Its like exploiting your soul. Suppressing is the word! (or may be your insecurities). Give yourself a break.

Let it flow naturally. Its difficult, not impossible. And ya some situations won’t let you. So plan accordingly!

One thing I know for sure is I am not an overthinker. I am someone who doesn’t like regretting. Dont let anybody tell you that. Your words count, are valueable and makes complete sense!

This year was like an adventure in itself. I got to experience adrenaline rush. The cooling sensation that flows down your brain through neck to the back. Whatever that was. Gone!

Take care ❤

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