Are human becoming technological zombies?

When we talk about zombies, we think of undead creatures that has the capabilities to give us nightmares. Even though we don’t know its traits, we assume it to be something that has no feelings and may kill others for their selfish needs. Some other traits being:

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  • Ability to move but technically dead (without a heartbeat).
  • In a rotting state (with discolored skin and eyes).
  • Non-communicative (groaning and howling instead of speaking).
  • Unemotional, with no mercy toward victims.

Comparing humans as technology zombies can be very vague but we can compare them considering these assumptions. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. But here we are discussing about machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge. For instance: laptop, computers, mobile phones, cars, robots, etc.

With growth in science, we have seen growth in technology as well. There are applications that run most of these technologies. It is known for its advantages and disadvantages. We cannot imagine our life without it. From the beginning of the day, we use our phone to check messages which goes till the night. And not just messages even our mails. The other uses are: coffee maker and water running out of your tap etc. And most important of all is our jobs where we earn our living. Almost every other industries uses computers and laptops. Its convenience has made us dependent on it. It has helped us to connect with people. People have become user friendly and we have seen even the young children using it. With the current situation, it has given people employment. The idea of work from home has not only given them hope and motivation but has helped them survive this difficult situation.

Without any choice employees have to work, meet the deadlines. This leads to its disadvantages, having to check your phone constantly gives rise to addiction to your phones and sometime cause Sleep deprivation. Khan (2008) conducted a study on adverse effects of excessive mobile phones use and found that on an average daily more than half (55.94%) of them used for 30 minutes, 27.97% used for 30-60 minutes, 11.53% used for 60-90 minutes and 4.54% used for more than 90 minutes. Our phones fall, we panic. Our friends fall, we laugh. The sickness and health issues it follows. There are many health issues that binge users face.

Researchers found an intensive increase of cell phone usage among teenagers and the symptoms of depression, suicide risk factors and suicide rate in the year 2012 (Baert et al., 2018). Even if you’re not addicted to your phone but you still have to stick to it. Because it is where your expenses come from. The excessive use of computer have also created health issues.

Then we have people working in mine and machinery, heavy duties. They have to deal with a lot of issues, accidents. The chemicals involved in operating the machines are not only damaging their body but making their health worse.

To conclude human to some extent have become technology zombies. The advantages have kept them alive but the disadvantage have killed them already. It’s like waking up from dead!

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