United Arab Emirates

I have visited UAE, twice. The recent one was in the year 2017 with my daughter. Pervious one was better because its was in November-December. I came back home on New Year’s Eve.

My dad has lived in Saudi Arabia for more than 30 years. As a kid, I always wanted him to take us with him, which he never did. But my sister came to my rescue and because of her we got the privilege to actually explore UAE for a month (that too twice)- which was more than enough. These are the places we visited.

For most of the people, UAE – whether is Sharjah, Abu Dhabi – its DUBAI. So lets refer to it as Dubai.

Most of the people, who visit Dubai do visit Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower. When I visited Dubai the first time, that was 9 years back, it was less crowded. And as it was Christmas time, the decorations every where was awesome. The next visit, I could see the changes. Not just the people even the place. Its just getting better. But too crowded.

Burj Khalifa

You can explore the facts of Burj Khalifa and many of us are already aware of it. For the basic – ‘Burj’ means tower and ‘Khalifa’ is like the leader. So its the leader of all the towers.

 Astronaut, CC BY-SA 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Through the mall, you can actually enter the tower (a quick visit). You buy the tickets, they take you up in the elevator and you reach to the top floor. Click Pictures. The view is just awesome. And then you have a souvenir shop at the exit, for your memories. They also provide customize photographs.

From the top (my clicks)
My clicks from the top floor

Dubai Mall

The mall, it has almost all brands. I got a free make over there. It wasn’t free technically, as I bought the Givenchy foundation after it (lol). Will upload the photo in sometime.

This mall has a snow world, ice skating and aquarium in it. We spent a quality time in the snow world.

You will see diversity here – brands, people, food. The most important of all is the ‘The Food Court”.

And the next best thing here is the dancing fountain.

Dancing fountain

Its happens at intervals. And what you see in the video is way different from what you actually feel there. Its magical! with the music.

Jumeirah beach

The white sand beach, near Burj Al Arab (the seven star hotel). The weather was chilling, so we didn’t spend much time there.


Another beach in Abu Dhabi. I loved sitting there.

Desert Safari

It comes like a package with meals. So first a van comes to pick you up. There are safari’s at the desert waiting for you (Land Cruiser). They give you a roller-coster-type ride in the car, which is quite fun. They drop you at the venue where you are going to spend the rest of your day.

The wonderful camp has sitting and separates shops for hennah, abaya, decoratives. Hold the eagle (paid), buy abayas and free sheesha (seperately). As its free there are too many people waiting for their turn. Food esp., the salad was very nice.

Then there are several performances, the much awaited one is the BELLY DANCING.

Jabel Hafeez

Best place for family get together. People go there for barbeque. And I had the best kababs there (which we try to make here at home) i.e. Chapli Kebabs.

At the base of the mountain, there are hot water springs. With the cold weather, these hot springs are just perfect for the best (get away) setting, in which you can put your feet and enjoy the warm water. This water comes from the mountain.

To actually go to there (Jabel hafeth), you have drive up the mountain. Enjoy the view.

Jabeel hafeez

Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque

I love ‘Abu Dhabi’. And this masjid there is beyond words. The architecture, chandelier, lightings which changes with the moon, the hand woven carpet. Two men have been assigned to read Quran in duties for 24 hours. For more wonderful facts, click the link below. Some of my clicks below.


Gold souk

I bought this chain there. Its my favourite. Its been with me all these years. Its my name in arabic.

And we also got see the biggest ring i.e. Najmat Taiba (Star of Taiba). It is the world’s largest gold ring recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Dubai Zoo

I am against the idea of zoo. Before I had never been to a zoo. It was for my daughter.

Other things

As it has the best abayas, other thing we did was SHOPPING. The best thing to buy there is clothes; bakhur (fragrance); gold; sweets – tahina, kunafah.

I did paragliding. I don’t have any picture of that, but I do have the memories (above the sea view). Went to Fujairah, Sharjah, Deira.

Yes, I still get visions of the memories I spent there. It makes me want to go back..

There are other places-well known places like Emirates Palace, Wild Wadi, Abu Dhabi Ferrari World, etc. which you can visit. So, to conclude, its a must visit place, for a perfect getaway.

Hope you Enjoy your visit too!