So the poem is for women, it could be any experienced women, whether single, single mother, married, mother, or a concumbine (excuse me for using such words), mistress. Depending on the grave situation they are in.

This forms two perspective: one ranging till mother & the other for mistress or concubines‘ (more focused on this).

The 1st one (more emotions based): like for instance is the lines ‘priority….’. Its that they take authority of the roles that they are playing -cooking-boss of the family. Other line similar to that. Last lines a lady tells her to leave and be herself. As nobody is going to come. But she is worried, if she does will the society accept her (I don’t know why she needs an approval).

The other one (flesh/physical based) is wide and clear, she accepts whats (having nowhere to go) happening to her and then live like that, giving herself authority (sleeping with guys with her choice and dumping them with her authority). Thinking that she is controlling everything. But she is unware that she is going more deep down the pit. May be she wants to come out, just she needs more acceptance. & not understanding the condition lies in the confusion.

With this post, I m signing off for the month. I have a lot in my mind, & I dont want to make a salad out of it. As I am getting to engrossed & obssessed with this. & its affecting my health too. So, see you all next month. (Its my birthday month Jan_yay!)

❤ Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year ❤

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